The MTA Vehicle Inspection Report is a very easy to follow “jargon free” plain English document accompanied by a comprehensive photographic portfolio. Our mobile vehicle inspection or, on-site vehicle inspection service is the hassle free way to ensure that you don’t buy a lemon. We offer an onsite mobile vehicle inspection service for the following purposes; presale vehicle inspections, pre purchase vehicle inspections, end of warranty vehicle inspections, pre-holiday safety inspection. We also offer a more concise onsite vehicle identification report to assist with loan applications to meet with all finance company requirements.

Our comprehensive mobile vehicle inspection service is unquestionably the best due to our many years of experience in the trade and dedication to excellence. The comprehensiveness of our vehicle inspection report is what makes us the industry benchmark. MTA mobile vehicle inspection services are available throughout Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle, Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands, Canberra and the ACT. We also have in-house inspection services available in selected country and regional centres.

Our mobile vehicle inspections are aimed to make the vehicle inspection process as straight forward and uncomplicated as possible for our customers.

To book a mobile vehicle inspection simply call 1300 682 123 or take advantage of our online booking service incorporated into this website.

Your “easy to read” inspection report, including the photo portfolio, is emailed directly to you on the same day of the vehicle inspection. Your vehicle inspection report will contain reliable and thorough details and recommendations related to any defects along with a simple sectional rating system (Excellent /Very Good/ Good / Fair / Poor / Bad). All MTA Vehicle Inspectors have years of experience in the customer service sector of the motor trade will be only too happy to discuss their findings with you or to help clarify any technical information. The inspectors contact details will be clearly displayed on your report document.

Our mobile vehicle inspections are aimed towards ensuring personalized service and absolute peace of mind to all our customers. Order a mobile vehicle inspection with MTA Vehicle Inspections today.

A small investment now could save you thousands of dollars later!

Here's what our happy customers say

Just wanted to leave some feedback on Ray Tabone who carried out an inspection for me a couple of weeks ago, he was really a great help. Great information over the phone, detailed, easy to understand and didn't seem to want to rush me off the call. Would definitely recommend you guys to friends over the NRMA inspection guys, thanks so much for saving me possibly thousands of dollars buyng a dodgy vehicle.

Matt Wrightson   

Received with thanks. The report was very detailed and clearly set out. My thanks to you and the MTA team for making this process so seamless! I will definitely recommend your company to anyone purchasing a car in the future!

Elizabeth Kuruvilla   

Dear Arthur

Received with thanks. The report was very detailed and clearly set out. My thanks to you and the MTA team for making this process so seamless! I will definitely recommend your company to anyone purchasing a car in the future!


Thanks very much for your help, your prompt and efficient service but most of all for saving me $4000.
You'll be the first people I call into the future, you can be assured of that.

Richard Webb   

Thank you very much for inspecting our car for us last week. You were a terrific help. We were very impressed by how you took the time to explain everything we needed to know, show us what we needed to see with the car, and made sure that we knew everything we needed to know about the car before buying it. Your inspection was very thorough and your written report was sent to us the same day and was very clear. You also followed up with us quickly with an answer to a question that we had afterwards. You could not have done any more for us than you did.

Thank you once again for all your help, we really appreciate it.

Lester F   

Thank you so much – the report is very comprehensive and thorough and I’m very impressed by the detail including all the additional comments. On this basis, I will be going ahead with the purchase and just want to thank you so much. I didn’t even know you guys existed so I’m very happy I found you and will recommend you to my friends and family.

By the way Ray – you should know that I was originally going to get NRMA to do it but only just realised that they don’t do mobile inspections any more. NRMA gave me names of local repairers that ‘might’ do mobile inspections. Castle Hill Toyota recommended you or IVI.

Perhaps you could set up an arrangement with NRMA because a lot of people would think they are the first people to contact for mobile inspections. Better they forward enquiries to you!


A very comprehensive report which assists me in making an informed decision on the vehicle purchase.

Sharon S   

​Recently Ray ​Tabone did an inspection on a car I was interested in buying, the upshot of the inspection was that he advised against its purchase. I read the report afterwards and was so very glad I got the inspection done.

He knew I was disappointed and said he'd keep an eye out for me, I know little about cars, shopping for one I find very stressful. My current car needed a lot of work hence my reason for getting a new (second hand) one. I'm working ++ hours at the moment and also no time to be car searching.

​I​n less than a week, Ray rang to say he was in a car​ ​yard in Strathfield and had a car for me. He texted me photos, send me a link to the site for me to have a look at the car. Lexus RX330. He went out of his way to help, Next day I went there, test drove the car and bought it, Great ending and freeing me up from car searching.

I almost went with another company to do the initial inspection as they were a bit cheaper
​ ​but I'd been with NRMA since forever and trusted my gut to go with you for the inspection.​

I just want to recognise him as an outstanding person, ​who helped me more then he realised. I was just finishing off breast cancer treatment, child with a disability​ ​was all happening at the time he helped and I am so grateful for his assistance, the job of​ ​finding a car seemed insurmountable but thankfully Ray sorted it all out.

Mary Thompson   

Thanks so much for carrying out the inspection on the Yaris.

I am very impressed with how quickly you carried out the inspection and with the information provided in the report

I am looking at purchasing the Yaris as my first every car!! I’m only learning to drive at the moment, so I wanted to get an inspection to make sure that the car would be safe and reliable and would suit my situation.

Thanks again and if you have any further comments please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thankyou Jay.

I have read your report and it seems that, for the age of the vehicle, it is in good repair. I will reread and make notes of your suggested items to look into when the motorhome has the next scheduled service, which is to be carried out by Sydney RV before I drive it away. I will also give the photos and report to my new service centre in Northern NSW and have them remove the guards so as to have a better look at those items you were unable to see properly.

Thank you for your comprehensive inspection and subsequent report and photos. My mind is at rest knowing there are no major faults with the Motorhome before I purchase it and your Inspection was well worth the cost.

Irene Swerdlow   

I am very happy with the service your company provided me. Very professional and friendly. Your follow up calls and information is excellent. Carmella was very helpful and the services guys very easy to speak to. This the first time I have used your service and will continue to do so and also recommend to anyone. Thanks again. And BTW, love my new car.

Eddie Gile   

Thanks so much again for the inspection of my Hiace today Ray. My brother is a mechanic with his own business of 30 years and he was very impressed with your report.

I am so excited that I will become one of the many 'grey nomads' and escape the ghastly winters in Melbourne. Obviously the 'living area' needs quite a bit of renovating however, I am excited about that as well.

You made my day and it was s pleasure dealing with MTA - very efficient and personable. Your phone call was very much appreciated.

Jill Price   

This probably should be a Testimonial. We had an inspection done on Sunday 21st September 2014 on a 2007 Hyundai Tuscon. We were about to buy this car for our 18 year old daughter. Price was good, car looked in good condition. Luckily we organised a MTA pre purchase inspection. Jay Corcoran, the MTA Inspector saved us from future grief by reporting the car's engine was in poor condition and the alloy wheels fitted to the car were 18" when the spare was actually a 16" wheel, explaining that we most probably would have experienced problems trying to re-register this car.

Rod Black   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic job that you did for me to-day .

To be able to have someone that you can trust to be honest and to be my eyes to view a car in such a professional manner and provide me with such a detailed report is awesome I can’t thank you enough.

If I had, had to travel to see the car it would have cost me my time not to mention money.
To pay for your service was worth every cent!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would also like to thank you once again for your professionalism in providing me with the information necessary to be able to make a decision regarding the purchase of a car from Interstate

John & Bernadette Holden   

You have been absolutely fantastic and so easy to deal with.

Thank you

Rebecca Hayes   

Hi Jay,

Thank you very much for your inspection and advice. We didn't know what to look for and thought it was a really good used car!

We are now looking for other car. Thank you again!

Caren Mok   

I had a pre purchase inspection done on a car yesterday by Tom and I'd just like to say thanks very much. He was very thorough and the report was easy to read. He pointed out some issues with the vehicle and has potentially saved me a substantial amount of money. Your services are greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your excellent and comprehensive report on the Toyota Landcruiser. Without your inspection we may have travelled to Sydney (1,000 Kilometres each way!) to inspect the vehicle and we would have been extremely disappointed in the vehicle when we got there as it looked far better in the photos that we had seen previously than it did in your extremely good photos. I will recommend your inspection service without hesitation to anybody I know in future as it is an excellent service.

Neill Leigo   

Wanted to say a big thank you to the team at MTA, especially Ray the mechanic. You guys were easy to work with and Ray went above and beyond to help me out.

Robert Irwin   

Hi Ray

This is just a short thank you to MTA in general and in particular Ray Tabone and Carmella. What a wonderful operator and organisation !! Carmella (who answered my call was just so bright, bubbly and helpful. My dilemma was that I had flown up from Melbourne to pick up a car in Burwood. The car was supposed to have gone to the NRMA at Strathfield, but due to a misunderstanding it didn't go. With just three days to go before Christmas Day I really didn't want to be on Sydney Streets during daylight - especially considering it had been raining all day. The NRMA couldn't fit it in until the following day (Wednesday - at best). I explained my dilemma to Carmella who rang me back and asked me if 30 - 60 minutes was too long to wait !! LOL So, Ray Tabone rocked up to do my 'Pre-Purchase Inspection'. We had a quick chat and then he was hard at it. Every now and then I checked in to see how he was going. His thoroughness amazed me. He was taking photographs, looking at things and in places that I would NEVER have thought about. In just over two hours the job was done and then he showed me the 'report'. WOW !! THAT is what I call 'an extensive report' !! He fixed everything but one thing (which was an 'upholstery things' rather than a 'mechanical thing') on his list as he came across it (not his responsibility but he did it anyway). Absolutely FABULOUS !! To Carmella, Ray and all the troops at MTA - THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Have a REALLY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR. I am kind of hoping that I will be dead before the car will be, so will not be needing their services again, but if anyone is looking for a Vehicle Inspection, I could not recommend highly enough, MTA. Go guys!!!

Denis Shaw   

Thank you so much for your comprehensive report on our new car.

The dealer fixed everything you noted and I wouldn't have even realised a lot of these things were wrong with the car without your inspection.

Thank you

Kirrilly Lopez   

Ray T inspected a vehicle for me in Sydney. Firstly, Karen (booking) and Ray were both very helpful and scheduled me in the same day I called within tight time constraints.

The car was a BMW M5 which is a V10 and has some quirks to that model (SMG box for one). Due to the vehicle being considered prestige the cost was $375 instead of the usual $250. I will say I still believe it was good value. I've had meaningless inspections done in the past by other firms but Ray was fantastic. He was very methodical and took the time needed on such a complex car. He also knew enough about BMW's and M models to know details particular to those cars.

The feedback and report Ray provided was very helpful and complete. He was 100% professional and I would freely recommend MTA and in particular Ray T. to anyone. As the paying 'client' and potential buyer of the vehicle I felt like he was on my side but totally fair.

I read a review below about lateness of the report. I received my report within a few minutes of the inspection being completed and I was able to discuss an overview with the inspector as he concluded the inspection. If you need the report quickly.... tell them. Ask the operator for the inspectors phone number. If you can't be present at the inspection ring the inspector as soon as the inspection is complete. He'll run you through it straight away. In fact this was communicated to me when I booked the inspection in the first place - i.e. call the inspector during business hours if you need to discuss the report.

Richard Cislowski   

To Ken,

Mate thank you so much for that report really appreciate it! The photos and the report is great! A big thank you for getting this done so quick you have saved me a lot of time!

Aaron Spiteri   

I have spoken to toyota again about the black car. And we have come to a deal that i am very very happy with and they will do the repairs as you recommended. We are very happy, relieved and excited! I think once i got my head around the fact that no car is perfect i could see it was a good deal for the car. And i feel confident in the dealership.

Thank you for all your invaluable advice and support during this whole process! I couldnt have done it without you!! You helped me confidently select a vehicle and new i could trust your advice. You and your wife are truely caring and passionate about the job and that reflects.

Georgina Britton   

Just wanted to say thanks mate for the comprehensive report and pics and for getting to the car same day.

Scott McGraw   

I just wanted to thank you and most of all Raymond Tabone as the inspection he did for us was most helpful he did such a great job also had photo’s also the after service was great as he phoned me to make sure I understood the report which was fantastic as my son did not end up with that vehicle. Not sure where this goes on your website but I would like other people to know what a great job Raymond Tabone did for us.

Mandy A   

Hi Arthur,

I appreciate you going and having a look at this car for me. I decided not to buy it based on your report - better safe than sorry.

Thanks a lot, you saved me from any problems in the future.


Thank you very much for your comprehensive report and photos. We have decided to go ahead with the purchase of this vehicle and very much appreciate your time and input.

Jane Pelham   

Thanks for checking out the ML63 for me on the weekend. I really appreciated the time you took chatting to me about the car. Re the paintwork you discovered I managed to dig a little deeper and find out what happened. Every panel on the car was keyed. Check out the attached pics. Thanks again for your great service.


Thank you for the reviewed report and being so accommodating and thorough with my dealing with your company.

Very professional with a lovely human touch from the call with Carmella to meeting yourself.

Please pass this onto your manager and I am happy for him to call me if he wants more feedback , I think between you and Carmella I have at least 5 people that I will refer with my dealings to date.

As you know I know what I was talking about , I knew the pain points and I also know how bad your competitors are so hat of to you and your company for completing a seamless and great outcome for your client.

Oliva Pin   

I have just finished dealing with Redbook to try and have an inspection completed that I booked two days ago which still has not even been in contact with the seller. Not only that but <5 days is "their best guess" even though their website says 24 hours (which is apparently only a guide..)

I have just finished speaking with a consultant from your business, who has helped me book an inspection with your company, and she could not have been any more helpful. Extremely professional and knew exactly what she was talking about and is calling the seller straight away to schedule this in! Really impressed - if only I had called Natalie to start with.

Callum van Megen   

I valued him (Ray) doing the inspection so quickly, and his feedback to me over the phone this morning. I have decided not to purchase the car on the basis of his work and the attached report, and I thank him for the detailed feedback he provided.


Just wanted to thank you and your team for your professional services.

I needed an inspection done on a Monday and was able to contact you ona Sunday. Your inspector Evan was on time , professional and provided one of the most conprehensive reports I have ever seen including scanning the computers on board for any faults
Your report enabled us to proceed quickly with confidence in purchasing the car for our daughter

I was able to speak with Evan your inspector afterwards who was very helpful and discussed and confirmed his findings

Thanks again and I will never purchase another car without an inspection from your company.

Ian Mudie   

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your comprehensive inspection especially given that I needed this done urgently before I completed the paper work for this vehicle. Do I need to ask for anything to be fixed prior to collecting the vehicle?

Overall, very impressed with the same day service and very pleased that given that I am new to the country someone recommended MTA to me. I will be recommending your service to others.


I would just like to provide a testimonial on how pleased I was with the above inspection carried out by Ray Tabone. The work was very comprehensive. I was also able to speak to Ray and he provided supporting counsel to the inspection and insight into the dealership involved. This was all very useful in my purchase decision. Thank you.

Alan Taylor   

Cheers Ray, bloody good job you have done. I'm now happy to put wife and kids in it. Thanks!

Jon St Pier   


Just a quick note to say thanks for the Vehicle Inspection you did. My car was nearing the end of the warranty period, and was not showing any signs of issues that needed attention. I would never have picked up on the items you highlighted on your report, particularly the fault codes in the computer. The dealer replaced all four glow plugs in the diesel engine under warranty, as well as replacing the missing screws and clips. They even dismantled the rear wiper assembly and cleaned all the contacts.
I’m not sure what the cost of replacing the glow plugs would have been if the car was out of warranty, but I suspect you have saved me well over $1,000 by doing an “End of Warranty” inspection for me.
It was money well spent.



Thankyou very much the recent inspection carried out by MTA Inspections.

I am very thankful for your professional service and expertise. The inspection process from booking to report was fast and easy. The advice I received, within your inspection report and from the technician, helped me to avoid buying a car with potentially costly issues. The report was very extensive and gave me confidence that I was getting the right information to make a good decision. In the future I will always get cars inspected by MTA Vehicle Inspections where possible. I will not hesitate to recommend MTA to friends and family when buying a used car.

Thanks once again, you helped me dodge a bullet.

Simon Overland   

I am extremely appreciative of ur business n professional's a magic thing u guy's r doing..just a total pleasure Ray..if I wasn't such a pain in the xxxx I would've liked to thank u guy's personally. U made it happen for me! I loved every aspect of your input..especially ur dialogue coz u convinced me to spend more to get a better car! Logical. Especially for a tight xxxx like me! Haha all the best mate.


Just a note to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. Personalised service is a rare commodity these days however the staff I dealt with went out of their way to support me through this rather stressful process of buying a car sight unseen. From Karin on the phone who advised me of the initial steps I should take, & organising a same day inspection to Ray for his detailed report & phone call, I have purchased a car I have confidence will deliver. Thank you again from a very satisfied customer will definitely recommend your services.

Ray just to thank you again for assessing the Tarago so promptly on Friday. Flew down today & picked it up, I am thrilled with it drives like a dream. The owners were delightful people, the whole experience has been a breeze. Thank you for the phone call, I really appreciate the personalised service. I will be broadcasting the benefits of using MTA to one & all. Cheers Victoria Wilkie :))

Victoria Wilkie   

Hi Ray
Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your inspection today on the Lexus I'm to soon buy. It's not often that customer service stands out these days but I have to say I'm very, very impressed.

It was very simple & easy to book the inspection and you turned up on time to view the car with me. I was surprised that you took the time to point a few things out to me and provided such a detailed written report with so many photos. It's much more than I had expected!

I now have to confidence to buy the car and I'd like to thank you personally for such a great job. It's excellent value for money indeed and much appreciated. I shall be telling many people about your service. Many thanks Ray!

Kevin Ferrari   

Quote from the baby boy “He did an awesome job please thank him”. Young man of very few words but this is high praise let me assure you. Thanks again for your assistance on the weekend.

Jackie B   

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